The power of a dialogue - The insight of 6th World Forum on intercultural dialogue


We live in a world where peace is at hand. However, some regions are at war, and people are looking for platforms to raise their voices. Even though the world is a global village and people are more connected than ever, the power of social media is stronger than we think. Yet, on the other hand, conflicts persist, and voices yearning for peace and justice often struggle to be heard.

At the heart of the Forum’s discussions lay a fundamental truth: the power of dialogue. Why is it important? Dialogue is important for conflict prevention and resolution. Dialogue is important for voices to be heard. Dialogue is important because it fills the gap between conflict and peace. Dialogue is important for empathy. It is important so that we can help those who need help. Dialogue is important so that voices can be heard and valued. Dialogue is more than just conversation; it is the first step toward peace, security, empathy, and change.

The Azerbaijani government gathered more than 600 participants from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries to come and talk about peace. These 600 people gathered to talk about nothing but global peace and security and this initiative to make the world a peaceful place to live is mingled with their initiative to make the world a better place for future generations. This forum provided an opportunity for 600 people to come together from diverse cultures and communities to exchange culture and dialogue, and above all, to exchange humanity. It was their initiative for those unheard voices to be heard for a better future, for a better world. It was their initiative that engaged people in open, respectful dialogue to exchange ideas.

During the forum, we had the opportunity to engage in various panel discussions covering a wide array of topics, like women’s rights the crucial significance of amplifying the voices of the younger generation to safeguarding our past and future, and many others. All the panel discussions that took place during the three days of the conference had one aim: to have a better outcome for a better future. Being a part of these discussion panels makes one realize that people all around the world have a lot more in common than we think we have.

This 6th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue served us a powerful message of hope and peace. It tells us that people living in this world want nothing but peace. Being there was a lifetime opportunity. As we bid farewell to this inspiring gathering, let us all make a promise that we will translate this dialogue into action. Let us all keep this as a reminder that dialogue is just the first step for global peace and security.

Hina Haroon

DND News Agency

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