New World Order: Why is the West worried about Turkish unity?


In recent years, sharp armed conflicts and severe wars have been taking place on our planet. The world community cannot stop this discord and enmity, which is growing day by day. Because the superpowers cannot give up their political and military ambitions. Now the world needs new, fairer rules of the game.

The world has never been fair, but each new phase of history brings with it necessary changes, as well as expectations and hopes. There are 2 superpowers who claim to write the script of the new order and then to conduct all political and military processes single-handedly. These are, of course, the United States and China.

Washington wants to keep the "Collective West" in its circle of influence, to see it next to it in the decisive struggle against the "Yellow Dragon". In this regard, the Russian-Ukrainian war can be evaluated as a skyrocketing opportunity for the United States. In any case, the peoples of the "old continent" who are wary of Moscow's territorial claims in Eastern Europe, have to cling to the skirt of "Uncle Sam" and accept his leadership.

At this point, it should be noted that the United States' engagement with the "Collective West" is not eternal. Here, first of all, the different interests of the French and Spanish-speaking countries emerge. Germany, which is considered the largest economy in Europe, does not always intend to "play to the air" heard from across the ocean.

Today, there is no more democratic and anti-democratic camp in the world. The concept of Western democracy and civilization has also lost its former appeal. Because it did not live up to expectations. Humanity now believes in deeds, not words. The actions of "civilized" states that wage proxy wars for their national interests say otherwise.

By the way, new power centers on our planet are formed mainly at the level of national identity. Although the religious factor plays a certain role here, the leading criterion is ethnic and linguistic proximity. Anglo-Saxons started this process a few years ago by establishing AUKUS. In other words, five English-speaking countries - the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - joined together and established a new military-political alliance. The goal is to maintain world leadership at any cost.

China, which has become the world's second economic and military power, and has called itself the "heavenly empire" since ancient times, is lying in wait. For now, Beijing is in no hurry to make its political claims. However, the sudden stumbling of the other party, that is, the "Collective West" led by the United States, can embolden the "Yellow Dragon". By the way, according to the Eastern calendar, 2024 is the year of the Green Dragon. I just wrote this. Few people believe in mystical signs in big politics.

It is not very likely that the Chinese will "slap their backs" on the Anglo-Saxons. Because, no matter how ancient Chinese culture is, it is not able to be a "soft power" for the modern world. This is a very important factor. In the modern era of global information flow, human ideas and humanistic ideals are as powerful as the most destructive weapons.

On the other hand, the problems of "Collective West" are not few. Although the main competitor is China, another ambitious competitor, the so-called third world countries, is already "I'm here!" he began to raise his voice. They call themselves the "Global South" and are mostly large and small states in the ranks of the Non-Aligned Movement who want to accept neither a unipolar nor a bipolar world. The "Global South" claims to be at least the third pole.

At such a fateful moment, the state of Turkey, together with the Turkic-speaking countries, wants to come to the forefront of politics and become one of the main power centers of the world. Fortunately, Big Turan has started to appear in a large geographical area. The main locomotive is played by Turkey and the state of Azerbaijan, which won a historic victory over the invading Armenia in the fall of 2020.

But the Ankara-Baku tandem, as a whole, the transformation of Turan into a global power center is met with jealousy in the West and in the East. Opponents, especially France, are very worried about the transformation of the Organization of Turkish States into a real power. Macron's France's open protection of usurper Armenia in defiance of international law stems from Paris' bad intentions regarding Turkish unity.

Of course, the West's intention to suffocate Turan is futile. There is an invincible Turkish spirit, divine justice and historical realities. Brother Turkey and other Turkish states will never allow this. "The 21st century will be the Turkish century!" the dreams of the great politician late Turgut Ozal are coming true. Zangezur corridor will accelerate this process even more.

The increasing economic and military capabilities of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, and the rising political influence have increased the power of Turan by one to five. It is also a successful project for other peoples of the region. Turkish states wish to cooperate closely with neighboring countries and their peoples. This is the way to peace, prosperity and progress!

Head of the department of Turkish philology of BSU, professor

In today's world, there are really obvious injustices against the Turkish and Muslim world. In fact, the root of this injustice goes back to the Middle Ages. The West, the Christian world, once played a thousand and one games to overthrow the Ottoman Empire, but today it is wary of the strengthening of Turan.

Both the West and China do not need a strong and powerful Turkey. They intend to weaken Turkey and the Turkish states and make them dependent on them. The Great Turan has historically had and still has rivals in the North and the South.

The Turkic world has undergone great development in recent decades. Under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey has increased its gross domestic product three times in the last 22 years. The military industry of the brotherly country is taking the leading positions in the world.

The creation of interstate and military alliances on ethnic and national grounds in the world is a requirement of modern times. The more the Turkish states and peoples support each other, the more they will be invincible in front of the enemy forces. Our people have a beautiful proverb: Strength is together.

There is another important factor here. Today, the Turkish people should attach great importance to the development of science and the application of new technologies. In history, that nation moves forward where society is friendly with science and education. Dahi Nizami wrote that "Very clever brains became sleepers, in the end they became pottery sellers!" I want to say that we should educate our young people in the spirit of love for science and education.

I have great hopes for the future of Turan. Turks are people who built strong empires in history. To build a state, the mindset of statehood and the spirit of national patriotism are necessary. The Turkish people have proven throughout history that they have such a strong mindset.