The 21st century is in the grip of "intellectual wars": a type of total war


Article I

The way the world looks makes war more dangerous.


Intelligence development and global threats: Kissinger's fallacy

Usually, human intelligence is called "the lamp of mankind" and they consider it the source of all kinds of progress. The positive role of intellect (consciousness, thinking) has been accepted as axiomatic, without proof, for centuries since human scientific activity has been associated with development since ancient times. But in the 20th century, with two world wars and the emergence of more destructive weapons, the attitude towards intelligence began to change.

Henry Kissinger wrote that in the third decade of the 21st century, humanity is in serious danger due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence. As one of the early signs of this, the great diplomat shows that the AlphaZero neural network is the best chess player (Henry A. Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, and Daniel Huttenlocher The Age of AI: And Our Human Future. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. - 272 pp . ISBN: 978-0-316-27380-0).

In that book, the authors put forward the thesis that the real danger comes from the military use of the latest achievements of human intelligence in the form of artificial intelligence. They claim that the main problem here is the high possibility of using the capabilities of artificial intelligence in modern wars. They see the way out of the current situation in the Western world's creation of a philosophy of security at a historical stage dominated by artificial intelligence. They say that the world has not yet been able to create that philosophy.

But there is a contradiction here. Because human intelligence, which creates artificial intelligence, is the source of disasters in all cases. If human intelligence does not create dangerous artificial intelligence (robots, cobots, cyborgs, etc.), artificial intelligence is not dangerous. So, the issue is settled. By covering up the true intentions of natural (human) intelligence, they blame the "product" it creates.

It is, in fact, a psychological principle from the history of Western intellectual evolution. Western thinking has developed a habit of blaming every entity (natural or artificial) that does not suit its interests while keeping the source of ideas hidden. And now they develop artificial intelligence, take advantage of it, and then blame it on the machines, automatons, etc. that they have created. they throw on it. In reality, a more frightening and complicated policy is implemented. This is also confirmed by the new types of war that have been emerging recently.

Who are the authors of new types of war?

Now the terms "classical war" or "non-classical war" are considered obsolete in military theories and doctrines. Instead of these, "intellectual war", "nuclear war", "space war", "star wars", "drone wars", "robot wars", "hybrid war", "hyper war", "information war", "secret war" , "cybernetic war", "strategic war" etc. terms such as are in vogue.

We do not use the word "fashion" by accident. The main meaning of this is that they use the types of war that are terrible, mass destructive and have such a negative effect on the root of human existence as if they were ordinary terms. And they even compete and compare - which one is stronger!

I wonder what they are comparing? On the one hand, they talk about humanism, humanity, democracy, and liberalism, and on the other hand, they are competing to see who invented the most destructive, striking, destructive and incendiary type of war. The world's great powers - USA, China, European countries and Russia - are doing this! The 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council are those countries - USA, China, Great Britain (Europe), France (Europe) and Russia! Isn't it a paradox? They will ensure peace in the world, and they will keep the whole world under fear by inventing new weapons and types of war!

Well, those countries are bragging about testing their new weapons. They threaten others. When those who are not included in their circle test new weapons, they threaten, call them dangerous and start shouting "the world is in danger". Yes, the world is in danger, but this danger is caused by the arms race of the known "5". Others scramble to protect themselves!

Now new threats are added to the listed countries - North Korea, Iran, India! The circle is expanding, and as it expands, new threats emerge. In addition to the USA and China, which sent artificial intelligence to Mars, India, which launched an apparatus on the other side of the Moon, also sells weapons to the aggressor Armenia. The USA and France stand by the aggressor with a thousand excuses. At the same time, they enjoy peace, progress, democracy and cooperation.

Did robots invent all this? Did artificial intelligence create these double, triple standards? Have robots destroyed the right and justice of human conscience? Did H.Kissinger's wary artificial intelligence also create artificial intelligence? Are these the concepts of robots?

Assuming that at some stage a human-made robot (artificial intelligence) will itself create a new robot. But this is also a human project, its program and plans. Because in all cases, the basis of the process is natural intelligence - human consciousness!

Such seemingly naive questions actually reveal a very dangerous and insidious aspect of modern human intelligence. If a person creates himself and then blames someone else, it means the end of justice. All humanity is paying the price for this.

Types of peace and humanitarianism

Honestly, let's think, in the last 30-40 years, developed countries have invented many terms in the fields of mutual cooperation, peace, peace, and humanitarianism, or are there more new terms related to new types of war? For example, how many types of assistance are there and in what terms are they expressed? How many types of peace can be divided? Or what are the new types of humanitarianism?

A number of researchers analyze humanitarianism in politics, but its practice is very poor. This was more pronounced during the pandemic phase. Even the big powers have treated the poor unfairly, and humanitarianism and mutual sharing have been reduced to a practical minimum.

Only with the serious initiative of the President of Azerbaijan, the issue was discussed at the UN. However, those states did not take practical steps. Instead, they are "successfully testing" new types of warfare in Ukraine and Palestine. Before that, the President of Russia openly stated that they are successfully testing their new weapons in Syria. The US is doing the same thing every day. And after that they talk about the new world order, the new security architecture of the world and sustainable peace!

Bilderberg Club: "World Government"

And all this takes on new shades after the annual meeting of the Bilderberg club, which is also called the "world government". We are not talking about seeing a direct connection here. It's just interesting: If this is a club that suffers from the pain of the world, for what reasons are the cases of war, war, competition, and conflict increasing, but new ways of peace, peace, and cooperation are not found? On the contrary, new cooperation formats try to block the way of those who take the initiative. Perhaps there is a case of "information unavailability" in the sense expressed by the French sociologist Alain Touré? From here we tend to "conspiracy theories". But the reality is obvious: So far, there is no proposal or plan, including the Bilderberg club, that actually serves world peace and harmony!

What is the result? First of all, the human intellect is at such a stage of development that it is busy weaving a web for itself. Instead of bringing the world and humanity to a new level of development, a group of states aimed to trap the world as a whole. They go to space for this purpose. Because they look at the Earth from the farthest and make the closest destructive decisions. The possible negative consequences of these are blamed on artificial intelligence.

What intelligence will stop?

It is very difficult to stop this process. Because we are talking about very fast creative dynamics of human intelligence. The creative potential of human intelligence is huge and magnificent. His nature is such that he lives in the creator. When it is not in action, it dies, ends, disappears like intelligence! Therefore, intelligence cannot stop the dangerous trends we have highlighted. There must be other factors involved. Those factors are related to the spiritual, cultural, moral and psychological world of a person. In short, a person should not only be honest, but also "virtuous." This is not enough. Because a person must also have "intellectual virtue".

The virtue of the intellect is another deep problem. Its brief and laconic meaning is related to the benevolence of the human intellect. How can human intelligence be benevolent? This is a separate research topic and there is no opportunity to do it here.

But the reality is that human intelligence is discovering more and more massive types of warfare. From a practical point of view, this is the main point of the matter. In particular, the concept of "intellectual war" has been developed more recently. We can see this clearly from the contents of a report prepared by the Pentagon on China in 2021 (see: Annual Report to Congress: Military and Security Developments Involving the People's Republic of China, 2021 // https://media. defense. gov/ 2021/ Nov/03/ 2002885874/-1/-1/0/2021-CMPR-FINAL.PDF).

China's 'Great Modernization': Towards Intellectual War?

The report claims that the People's Republic of China is secretly preparing for an "intellectual war". But what is "intellectual warfare"? They explain it like this: intellectual war is hyperwar, which is disturbing, takes place in invisible military operations, and is characterized by operations that ensure the control of the intellect.

There is quite a bit of innovation here. According to the Pentagon, China is heading for this type of war. In this regard, the prediction that China will complete this process in 2035 is very thought-provoking. According to the report, official Beijing has identified several stages of modernization. There are 5 stages left for its completion. This process is called "great modernization" in China.

What is this "great modernization"?

(to be continued)

XQ analyst, doctor of philosophy