Unique Ecological Park, huge Sport Palace and new football stadium –


Unique Ecological Park, huge Sport Palace and new football stadium – Video report from Ganja
10.04.2024 [20:56]
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Ganja, April 10, AZERTAC

President Ilham Aliyev consistently demonstrates a commitment to the holistic development of Azerbaijan. During his regular visits to both the liberated territories and all regions of the country, he participates in the openings of significant projects and shows keen interest in the local situation. During his visit to the city of Ganja on April 9, President Ilham Aliyev's visiting the Ecological Park, opening the Sports Palace, and laying the foundation stone for the city stadium serve as clear examples of the attention and care for the regions.

Ecologist: Recognizing the escalating anthropogenic impact on the environment, the establishment of ecological parks is paramount in modern times.

Construction of the Ecological Park Complex, the first of its kind in the Western region, along with landscaping work around it commenced in December 2021. Situated on the right bank of the Ganjachay River, the complex spans an area of 11 hectares.

In an interview with AZERTAC, deputy chief of the Housing and Public Utilities Union of the city of Ganja İlgar Asadov said that the complex, distinguished for its uniqueness, is designed to provide all necessary amenities for individuals to spend their leisure time comfortably. It includes a two-story greenhouse building covering an area of 1285 square meters.

Within the Ecological Park Complex, plans are underway to establish entertainment centers, sports facilities, and catering establishments.


Ecologist Elshad Mammadov also highly appreciated construction of the Ecological Park, saying: “In contemporary times, particularly amid escalating anthropogenic impacts on nature, the establishment of ecological parks in urban settings holds paramount importance. Firstly, it plays a significant role in ecosystem preservation. Additionally, these parks offer a conducive habitat for various species, including birds, fish, and certain insects. Hence, the imminent inauguration of the Ecological Park in Ganja bears immense significance. As a resident of Ganja myself, I would like to express my gratitude to President Ilham Aliyev for construction of such a unique complex.”

Administration chief: In 2025, eight sports of the CIS Games will be held at the Ganja Sports Palace

During his Ganja trip, the head of state opened the Sports Palace.

For many years, Olympic and sports initiatives have witnessed substantial growth in our country. Tens of Olympic Sports Complexes and various sports facilities have been erected across Azerbaijan in recent years. This surge has not only heightened interest in sports but has also provided ample opportunities for our youth to utilize their leisure time more productively. The inauguration of the Sports Palace in Ganja stands out prominently among these projects.

Construction of the Ganja Sports Palace began in June 2018 and was completed in March 2024.

Intigam Huseynov, the head of the Ganja-Dashkasan Regional Youth and Sports Administration, underscored the significance of the Sports Palace in light of Ganja city's designation as the "Sports Capital" of the CIS in 2025. The head of the administration stated that in 2025, the Ganja Sports Palace will host eight sports of the CIS Games in 2025. Additionally, it is planned to organize basketball, volleyball, handball, mini-football, and athletics games in the main hall of the palace, meeting international standards.



Covering an area of nearly 40,000 square meters, the palace boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure. The main hall is designed to host basketball, volleyball, handball, mini-football, and athletics events. It features 2,200 fixed seats, 850 mobile seats, and 20 spaces for spectators with physical disabilities.

The palace includes a diving pool built to International Diving Federation standards, measuring 50 meters in length, 21 meters in width, and 3 meters in depth. It can accommodate over 1400 spectators during diving competitions.

Additionally, the small hall of the sports palace can be divided into sections to host weightlifting, wrestling, judo, and boxing, along with rooms for various sports activities and training.

Other amenities in the Ganja Sports Palace include a shooting range compliant with International Shooting Sport Federation standards, yoga and fitness rooms, an SPA center, conference halls, a restaurant, a children's room, and markets.

The palace also features an eighty-room hotel capable of accommodating 160 athletes.

Kapaz footballer: Construction of the new stadium made us very happy

President Ilham Aliyev’s laying of the foundation stone for the Ganja city stadium during his Ganja trip brought joy to sport fans.

The Ganja City Stadium, originally built between 1959-1963 and operational since 1964, faced deterioration of spectator stands in recent years, rendering it partially unusable for technical reasons. However, auxiliary training grounds and a football academy building were constructed on the stadium grounds.

As per a presidential order issued on October 6, 2023, an initial allocation of one million manats from the President's reserve fund was made for the design and implementation of the Ganja City Stadium's reconstruction project.

"Our stadium was in a dilapidated and useless condition. We had to hold our games outside the city. The construction of the new stadium brought us immense joy. Hopefully, the new stadium will be lucky for both us and our fans," said Ali Samadov, a football player from the "Kapaz" Professional Football Club.