Infection with COVID-19 is almost nonexistent in Azerbaijan - OFFICIAL


At the moment, the infection rate of coronavirus infection in Azerbaijan is almost nonexistent, said Afag Aliyeva, Deputy Director of the Republican Hygiene and Epidemiology Center of the Ministry of Health, Report informs.

According to her, a maximum of 10–15 cases of infection are registered per day.

Speaking about other particularly dangerous infectious diseases, Aliyeva said that the hepatitis B virus has not been found among vaccinated babies so far: “Tuberculosis is recorded in isolated cases. Since this is a social disease, it cannot be fully controlled. Hospitals made unconfirmed diagnoses in isolated cases of whooping cough in the country last year. For confirmation of whooping cough, there must be a laboratory examination. Last year, the fact of whooping cough was confirmed in only three out of 36 patients.”