Health Minister of Azerbaijan: Quality food protects health system from possible threats


Good-quality and safe food prevents the spread of foodborne illness, as well as protects the health system from possible threats, Health Minister of the Azerbaijan Republic, Teymur Musayev, said at the final report meeting themed on Evaluation of the Food Control System, Report informs.

The minister noted that since food safety plays an important role in protecting the health of the population, this field is gradually becoming a topic of public health at the global level.

He also stated that economic and environmental changes in the world in recent times have led to the reactivation of food pathogens.

"The use of safe food products in medical institutions is of particular importance. Most patients are more sensitive to microbiological and nutritional risks than healthy people. In this regard, the proper establishment of food-related control measures is a matter that the Ministry of Health carefully approaches," Musayev added.