Malaysian news portal publishes article headlined "Azerbaijan and COP29"


Malaysian news portal publishes article headlined "Azerbaijan and COP29"
19.06.2024 [22:51]
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 Baku, June 19, AZERTAC

Malaysia's influential media outlet "Astro Awani" has published an article by Elsevar Salmanov, Counselor-Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan headlined "Azerbaijan and COP29".

The article reads: "The 2024 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC-COP 29) will convene from 11 to 22 November 2024 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

At the plenary session of COP28 held on December 11, 2023, it was decided to hold the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29) in Azerbaijan in 2024. The election of Azerbaijan as the host country is not only an indication of its active diplomacy, but also an indication of the international community`s recognition of its position as the country that can play an important role in solving vital problems concerning humanity.

The Conference of the Parties unites 197 countries that signed the first UN climate agreement in 1992 and committed to avoid dangerous interference in the climate system.

The main objective of the UN Conference of the Parties is to bring together heads of state, government representatives, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporations, research institutes, think tanks, international financial institutions and dignitaries/scholars from various sectors around the world to discuss and formulate strategies for a sustainable future and to increase the international response to climate change. It is possible to say that the main agenda of the COP29 sessions will most likely be the efforts towards the solution of financial problems. Unfortunately, the necessary progress in resolving the financial problems was not achieved in the previous COP meetings. The financial resources of the Loss and Damage Fund for Developing Countries that established at COP 27 in 2022, are $700 million which is far short of the required amount of $400 billion. As global climate change becomes more serious, there is a vital need to accelerate efforts to finance the fight against it.

Azerbaijan sees COP29 as an important platform for solving the above-mentioned important problems and considers it as an opportunity to raise awareness about its own Green World strategy.

Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 02, 2021 on “Azerbaijan 2030:

National Priorities for socio-economic development” includes these vital points: 1. sustainable growing competitive economy; 2. society based on dynamic, inclusive and social justice; 3. competitive human capital and space for modern innovations; 4. large return to the territories freed from occupation; 5. clean environment and “green growth” country.

After signing the Paris Agreement in 2016, Azerbaijan undertook to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35% by 2030 and by 40% by 2050.

Azerbaijan is one of the countries with high potential in terms of renewable energy sources. Thus, the technical potential of our country`s renewable energy resources is 135 GW in the land and 157 GW in the sea. The economic potential of the renewable energy sources is estimated at 27 GW, including wind energy at 3000 MW, solar energy at 23000 MW, bioenergy potential at 380 MW, and mountain stream potential at 520 MW.

The favorable investment climate created in Azerbaijan paves the way for fertile conditions for the attraction of foreign investments in all areas, including renewable energy.

The followings are some of Azerbaijan`s major renewable energy projects that have been recently completed and will be completed in the near future:

∙ In 2023, commissioning and effective operation of the 230 MW Garadag Solar Power Station, which is one of the largest and most modern green energy production facilities in the region;

∙ On June 4, 2024, the foundation of 2 solar and 1 wind power plants with a total capacity of 1000 MW was laid;

∙ The first renewable energy auction for a 100 MW solar plant is being held in Azerbaijan;

∙ On May 3, 2024 Implementation Agreement on 200 MW Battery Energy Storage System and Framework Agreement for 200 MW wind power plant was signed;

∙ Implementation of the program for the integration of 1870 MW of renewable energy power (2 wind and 6 solar plants, including the commissioned and established stations) into the country`s general electric energy network;

∙ Caspian - Black Sea - European Green Energy Corridor;

∙ Central Asia - Azerbaijan - Europe Energy Corridor;

∙ Azerbaijan (Nakhchivan) - Türkiye - Green Energy Corridor;

∙ Green Energy Zones (work is being continued in Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur economic regions and a corresponding concept is being prepared for Nakhchivan);

∙ Commissioning of 28 hydropower plants with a total capacity of 225.6 MW in the liberated territories and continuing the construction of 4 new HPPs with a total capacity of 44 MW.

Azerbaijan’s efforts within the scope of the Green World strategy can be an example. We hope that the seriousness of the reality of global warming will accelerate the cooperation of countries in this direction. The urgent solution to this problem necessitates the Tomorrow May Be Late approach."

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