Czech Republic to reduce participation of its military in foreign missions in 2024


The presence of Czech military personnel in foreign missions in 2024, including in the NATO group in Slovakia, will be reduced, the press secretary of the Czech General Staff, Vlastimila Cyprisova, stated on Sunday, Report informs via Sputnik News.

"Czech military personnel are currently participating in 14 foreign missions, in particular in Kosovo, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean region, where they are fighting smugglers transporting illegal migrants from Africa to Europe. An overall reduction in the number of participants in foreign missions in 2024 will happen mainly due to a reduction from 450 to 200 people in the NATO contingent in Slovakia, the command of which the Czech Republic will transfer to Spain by the end of June this year," Cyprisova was quoted as saying by Czech Radio.

Cyprisova clarified that a reinforced mechanized company, a logistics support unit, and representatives at the international headquarters will remain in Slovakia.

This year, Czech instructors will take an active part in the training of Ukrainian military personnel, both on the territory of the Czech Republic and abroad, the spokesperson added.