Baku to host international ecological forum


On June 27-28, the International Forum "Green World Solidarity: Waste to Value for a Sustainable Future" will be held in Baku, Report informs, citing the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry of Azerbaijan.

The ministry noted that the purpose of the international forum, which will be organized by the ministry itself and Clean City OJSC, is to promote the leadership role of Azerbaijan on a global scale in the field of environmental protection, joint action towards a sustainable future, environmental solidarity and management, and at the same time, to promote the best practices in waste management and to ensure the spread of innovative approaches.

Authorized representatives of the UN, representatives of various international organizations, including numerous countries, as well as other interested parties will participate in the Baku forum.

The forum is expected to become a new platform for promoting sustainable practices in effective waste management, international cooperation, demonstrating innovations and conducting discussions on new initiatives. At the end of the forum, participating organizations and companies will adopt the Zero Waste Baku Initiative to promote sustainable waste management practices, innovative packaging solutions, recycling and waste reduction strategies.

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