Azerbaijani Army positions subjected to fire 30 times over past day


Starting from 21:55 to 23:20 on April 5, Armenian armed forces units periodically subjected to fire the Azerbaijani Army positions stationed in the directions of the Alibayli settlement of the Tovuz district, the Khoshbulag settlement of the Dashkasan district, the Yellija and Zaylik settlements of the Kalbajar district and the Chaghazur settlement of the Lachin district from their positions located in the directions of the Musurskend settlement of the Tovuzgala region, the Ashaghi Shorzha, Yukhari Shorzha, and Gunashli settlements of the Basarkechar region and the Aravus settlement of the Gorus region, using small arms of various calibers, Report informs, citing the Ministry of Defense.

It should be noted that over the past day, the Azerbaijani Army units stationed in various directions were subjected to fire a total of 30 times.