Balayan's "tale", Asryan's visit


What is this, Armenia is preparing for war?

Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev's first official visit to Turkey after his re-election as the head of state has created a real psychosis in the power circles of Armenia. They come up with various fabrications and try to create the image that Yerevan is in danger by exaggerating the Turkish factor.

There are many who make "smart" statements in this regard. We are far from the idea of ​​talking about the nonsense that all of them utter. However, we consider it necessary to pay attention to what the head of the mission of Armenia in the European Union, ambassador Tigran Balayan said. Of course, based on the ambassador's comments, we will highlight other aspects and come to a final conclusion.

Thus, T. Balayan, who tried to assess our country as an aggressor in the matter of President Ilham Aliyev's visit to Turkey, said in an interview to "Brussels Signal" that the military clash that took place on February 13 on the Azerbaijan-Armenia conditional border was a response to the increase in the level of cooperation between Armenia and the European Union. "This attack was a message not only to Armenia, but also to Brussels," said Balayan, recalling that the incident took place a few hours before the meeting of the EU-Armenia Partnership Council, and started his conspiratorial thinking.

We had seen madness, we could not imagine it. At the same time, T. Balayan said that Azerbaijan's attack (?) was a response to the EU's civilian observation mission in the region... Yes, the political gamesmanship in the abstract corner of the Armenian ambassador's thinking sets off the "bells". If we approach his logic and take into account that the fire was opened in response to Yerevan's deepening of cooperation with the EU, then it is obvious that Armenia is not interested in cooperation. After all, it was the Armenian side that opened fire first. Even the official Iravan does not deny this, or cannot deny it. In such a situation, why should Azerbaijan's response be directed against EU-Armenia cooperation? More precisely, for what reason should our country's response be addressed to Brussels as well as Yerevan?

As you can see, T. Balayan resorted to provocation. What the ambassador wants is that the incident that took place at the conventional border should be moved to the global level. In general, this is what the Armenian leadership is currently working on. It is quite clear that the official Yerevan intends to remove the issue of relations with Baku from the regional level. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's administration, by exaggerating the issue, is trying to avoid peace, and is aiming to regain its previous positions as a result of military escalation. In this sense, what T.Balaya said is a real "find". I wonder how he can invent such a "tale"?

The head of Armenia's mission in the EU also said that against the backdrop of tensions with Azerbaijan, it is buying drones and military equipment from abroad, including Israel and Turkey. Imagine, Armenia is constantly arming itself, and idiots dressed as ambassadors like Balayan say that Baku buys weapons from abroad.

As you say, Armenia watched Azerbaijan's military flights, including the delivery of ammunition from Israel and Turkey. "60 or 70 percent of Azerbaijan's military equipment comes from Israel, including Turkey," says Balayan.

Even a small child knows that our country exports weapons and ammunition from the mentioned countries. And Balayan deliberately brings up the issue now. It is clear that the goal is to present our country as an aggressor to the world community. The Armenian ambassador also noted that the number of military flights to Baku from Serbia, which recently announced an agreement to sell some artillery equipment to Azerbaijan, has also increased.

Finally, T. Balayan comes to this conclusion after the nonsense he uttered. That is, he believes the lie he is telling. That's what real mental abnormality is. He says that what is happening is a confirmation that Azerbaijan does not want to come to peace with Armenia. "Despite all the warning calls, Azerbaijan has not stopped its aggressive rhetoric, aggressive actions, killings and provocations," said the position of the representative of Armenia in the EU, which is another indication that the official Yerevan is far from the intention of normalizing relations with Baku.

We also emphasized above that Armenia is now very seriously trying to buy weapons and ammunition from abroad. Pashinyan's administration makes statements aimed at justifying this with the importance of protecting the country's security. However, opinions are circulating in the Armenian media that Armenia is preparing for a new war with Azerbaijan.

It should be noted that some time ago, it is known that a general of the French gendarmerie arrived at the Azerbaijan-Armenia conditional border. Now, it is reported that Armenian generals visited that area. For example, the website "Oragir news" wrote that the commanding staff of the Armenian army was given an order to prepare for war. True, the information was denied by the Ministry of Defense of Armenia.

Of course, denial doesn't change anything. It is clear that the official Yerevan will not openly declare that it is preparing for war. However, some facts give reason to think about it. For example, the First Deputy Minister of Defense of Armenia, Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Edward Asryan last weekend visited the southeastern and southwestern parts of the country's border, i.e., the conditional border with Azerbaijan, where he got acquainted with the condition of fortifications and other defense facilities, held a meeting, gave instructions. Therefore, the Armenian media is right to assess the issue as preparation for war.

Yes, the representative of Armenia in the EU, T. Balayan, says that Azerbaijan is not ready for peace under such conditions. It is possible to say with absolute certainty that Armenia is just looking for an excuse for a new war. Provocation on the border could not be formalized as an excuse. The Azerbaijani side proved that the first shot was fired from the other side. It seems that new excuses will be found to attack our country. Most likely, this was the purpose of Chief of Staff Asryan's visit to the conventional border areas.

In general, both E. Asryan's visit, Balayan's voiced in his interview with the European media, and the essentially destructive anti-Azerbaijani position taken by the Armenian leadership as a whole indicate many issues and inevitably increase the danger of war. All this shows that the position of official Yerevan in the bog of illusion is very deep. The appearance of adventurers like T. Balayan is also a confirmation of our opinion.