Azerbaijan elected as member of higher committee on EU animal welfare platform


Azerbaijan was elected to the five-country supreme committee appointed for the implementation of the 4th Action Plan of the EU Platform on Animal Welfare at the 91st General Session of the World Assembly of Delegates of the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) held in Paris, France, Report informs, referring to Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency (AFSA).

It was noted that the unified health measures and the work done in the field of animal welfare are considered when electing a country to the supreme committee.

Currently, the concept of animal welfare is being applied in the world as a part of the concept of unified health. The main objective of this concept is the implementation of joint activities in the context of human and animal health, as well as the environment. The mentioned activities cover such issues as the environment, diseases transmitted from animals to humans, and antimicrobial resistance. For the implementation of the planned measures, an animal welfare platform of the WOAH has been established in various countries of the region.

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