Meloni: "The birth rate is a priority of the government, the rented uterus becomes a universal crime"


An entire day of work to reaffirm that the government's commitment to the demographic and birth rate issues is at the top of the government agenda, Agencia Nova reported. For this reason, today in Rome, in the temple of Hadrian, numerous members of the executive met - at the invitation of the Minister of Family and Birth, Eugenia Roccella - starting with the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. Closing this morning's session, she herself wanted to underline how the demographic challenge, the birth rate, is "one of the main challenges, a priority of the government". Also because "we can invest resources, we can make important choices, but all this leads to nothing if we do not reverse the dramatic trend of the birth rate decline, which compromises any possible positive development for our nation". Demographic growth and economic development, therefore, go hand in hand and this is why the government, in which a specific department was created for the first time, has decided to take up this challenge and "put it at the center of our activity".

Certainly, according to the prime minister, decline "is never a destiny but a choice that can be reversed" by rebuilding "a family-friendly, birth-rate-friendly society". But it is not just an Italian challenge, because the demographic decline and the slowdown in the birth rate are "a challenge that strongly involves Europe, which involves the whole of Europe because the birth rate is also a European problem". For this reason, Europe must give "serious, concrete, determined and clear answers" and "the government will commit to this" in community bodies. The concrete risk, according to the prime minister, is that some theses against the birth rate, propagated by those who are defined as "bad teachers", could bring Italy and the continent to the "edge of the precipice". Because "it is not an act of love to consider children as a product over the counter in a supermarket", and in the same way "the rented uterus is an inhuman practice and I support the bill so that it becomes a universal crime, that is, punishable in Italy even if it is committed abroad".

The meeting was opened early in the morning by Minister Roccella, who in her report underlined how the trend towards an Italian birth rate decline is "serious: the inattention to the issue has lasted too many years not to leave consequences which will require a long period of time". to stop and then reverse this trend." It is therefore important that "we take care of it" but "Europe must also do so, because the whole continent is below the replacement rate", added the minister, assuring that "we will bring this problem to Europe". And it is not just a social issue but also an economic one, because, as clarified by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Giancarlo Giorgetti, “we must promote economic growth. Easy to say but how? To deal with the common debt, a young Europe would be needed, capable of looking to the future”.

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