Smoking kills 6,700 people in Laos annually


Smoking-related illnesses kill 6,700 people annually in Laos, Xinhua reports citing Laos' Ministry of Health.

"About 18 people in Laos die each day from smoking-related illnesses, equal to 6,700 people a year. The death rate from smoking amounts to 15 percent of all deaths recorded in Laos," the Center of Information and Education for Health under the ministry on Monday quoted Lao Minister of Health Bounfeng Phoummalaysith as saying.

He highlighted that smoking and nearby people inhaling second-hand smoke are among the main causes of serious illness, disability and early death.

Smoking-related deaths can be prevented if there are effective tobacco control measures, such as increasing tobacco taxes, banning all forms of tobacco advertisement, making workplaces and public places smoke-free, and educating the public about the harms of smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke, according to the report.