62-year-old German man claims to have been vaccinated against Covid 217 times


A 62-year-old man from Germany has claimed to have been vaccinated against Covid 217 times, prompting researchers to investigate if hyper vaccination causes an impaired immune system, according to Daily Mail.

The man's case was documented in The Lancet Infectious Diseases and stated he privately bought and administered many of the vaccines within the space of two and a half years between June 2021 until October 2023.

The unnamed subject appears to be in good health and has suffered no negative side effects, researchers from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg said.

'We learned about his case via newspaper articles,' Dr Kilian Schober, from the university's microbiology department, said.

He added: 'We then contacted him and invited him to undergo various tests in Erlangen. He was very interested in doing so.'

Dr Schober was concerned that hyper-stimulating the immune system with so many vaccines might have worn out certain immune cells, hindering the body's ability to successfully fight off illness.

But the researchers found no evidence of this and there was also no sign the man had ever been infected with Covid.

The team took blood and saliva samples from the man and tested previous frozen blood samples of his.

Dr Schober said: 'We were able to take blood samples ourselves when the man received a further vaccination during the study at his own insistence.

'We were able to use these samples to determine exactly how the immune system reacts to the vaccination.'

The test results are not enough to draw conclusions on safety or make recommendations for the public to get such an excessive number of Covid shots.

The researchers stressed that getting so many vaccines is not currently recommended: 'Importantly, we do not endorse hyper-vaccination as a strategy to enhance adaptive immunity.'

Current CDC guidance is two doses of Covid vaccination plus a booster, plus additional boosters as and when recommended for vulnerable groups, including people over 65 or at high risk of illness.

Evidence for at least 130 of the man's vaccines was collected by the public prosecutor of the city of Magdeburg, Germany, who opened an investigation into the man accusing him of fraud.

Details of the allegations were not revealed in The Lancet, but no criminal charges have been brought.

Covid shots are mRNA vaccines that teach the body how to fight the disease.

They work by showing the body's cells a bit of genetic code from the virus, which the immune system 'remembers' and recognizes if it comes across Covid for real in the body.

This allows the body to activate an immune response and fight off the virus.