France stands against Azerbaijan-Armenia normalization: Political scientist


France stands against the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, political scientist Tofig Abbasov told News.Az.

“There is a well-organized anti-Azerbaijani group in France, and the French government is well aware of this. France seeks to impede the peace-building and normalization process between Azerbaijan and Armenia. France intends to aggravate the tension in the South Caucasus and deploy its military contingent in the region,” he said.

The political scientist stressed that the joint statement recently issued by the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan and the Office of the Armenian Prime Minister is a positive step forward.

“The mutual exchange of detained military personnel by Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as the support expressed by Yerevan to Baku’s candidacy to host COP29, are positive signals. However, these positive developments displeased France, which seeks a new escalation in the region,” Abbasov added.