Azerbaijani parliament approves ban on marriages with illegal migrants


Azerbaijan's Parliament, the Milli Majlis, has approved a groundbreaking bill that prohibits Azerbaijani citizens from marrying illegal immigrants residing in the country.

According to Report, the amendments to the Family Code were passed in the third and final reading during an extraordinary session of the Milli Majlis. This legislative action comes as a response to a growing concern that many foreigners, living in Azerbaijan without proper registration or documentation, have been attempting to circumvent immigration laws through sham marriages.

Officials have long been aware that some illegal residents were exploiting marriage laws as a means to remain in the country. By enacting this ban, Azerbaijan joins a handful of countries worldwide that have implemented similar measures to combat immigration fraud.

The amendments specifically target Article 12 of the Family Code, expanding the list of individuals prohibited from marrying to include foreigners or stateless persons illegally staying or residing in Azerbaijan.

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