Aydin Karimov: Azerbaijan’s Shusha to become first city in Karabakh to activate fully electric buses


Azerbaijan’s Shusha will become the first city in Karabakh where electric buses will operate, Special Representative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Shusha district Aydin Karimov said at a panel discussion on the topic “Sustainable Development in Karabakh” within the international conference taking place in Lachin with the participation of experts from 30 countries, Report informs.

“We will also have lines for bicycles and because we all are committed to the goal and target that was put in front of us by His Excellency Mr. President to transform Karabakh into green energy zone.

So, Shusha was decided to be the first city that will activate fully electric buses. They are by the way made in Ganja, in Azerbaijan, in cooperation with partners from Belarus. And Shusha received already four of these buses. They are fully electric, very well tested in the landscape which is also similar to Lachin and Shusha, you know, they are mountainous cities. So that will be our innovation in the urban public transport system. In the next month, we will start operating the buses,” he noted.