BHOS graduate conquers U.S. university


Orkhan Khankishiyev, a graduate of Baku Higher Oil School of SOCAR (BHOS), has been named “The Most Active Master Student of the Year”.

For his academic and social activities, he was honored with the “The Most Active Master Student of the Year” award by the Petroleum Engineering Department of the University of Oklahoma, USA.

Orkhan was admitted to the specialty “Petroleum Engineering” of Baku Higher Oil School with 677 points. Upon graduating from BHOS, he worked as a marine geologist at SOCAR-AQSH LLC for two years and gained experience in oil drilling. Having received a full scholarship from the University of Oklahoma, Orkhan began his master's program in Petroleum Engineering at this university in 2022. Within two years, he conducted several scientific studies on sustainable energy sources, including geothermal energy, and published articles on this subject. The BHOS graduate also built a new drilling rig and conducted a number of experiments to increase the speed and efficiency of drilling geothermal wells.

Orkhan Khankishiyev is currently pursuing his doctoral studies at the University of Oklahoma and working on a research project on geothermal well operation.

Heartfelt congratulations to our graduate!