Azerconnect Group actively engaged in Business Forum held within COP29


Emil Masimov, Azerconnect Group’s Chief Executive Officer, took part in a panel discussion centered on sustainable innovation during the Business Forum held within COP29. Delving into the topic of forging a sustainable future amidst the challenges of climate change through innovative technologies, Emil Masimov highlighted Azerconnect Group's successful experience and results within the strides in energy conservation, leveraging renewable energy sources, effective waste recycling practices, and the implementation of a green business model.

The company achieves approximately 60% energy savings through the optimization of its mobile communication network, resulting in a significant reduction of 53,000 megawatts per year. Moreover, the sustainability of the company’s solar base station has been validated as a successful pilot project. Additionally, to encourage the reuse of electronic devices, Azerconnect has established a beneficial partnership with the Turkish company ‘EasyCep’.

Azerconnect Group is committed to expanding the use of renewable energy, investing in green technology innovation, and intensifying recycling efforts to mitigate e-waste, aligning with the UN's sustainable development goals and the company’s forward-looking development strategy.

Azerconnect Group is the first B2B (Business to Business) company in Azerbaijan that provides various services in the dynamically developing ICT and high-tech fields. Azerconnect Group is part of NEQSOL Holding, an international group of companies operating in various countries across the energy, telecommunications, hi-tech, and construction industries.