PACE's bias towards our country has reached an unbearable level


The main reason for the current biased attitude of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe towards Azerbaijan is related to the fact that our country has restored its territorial integrity and sovereignty. We must say clearly that there were always different opinions of PACE about the processes in our country. The Azerbaijani delegation expressed an adequate position accordingly. In the ongoing discussions, there were cases of not reaching an agreement on any issues. But this is a laborious process, and this process has been going on for 20 years.

Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov said these words in an interview with journalists. The minister called what happened in PACE "a completely biased and unacceptable step against our country".

Speaking about the relations between France and Azerbaijan, J. Bayramov emphasized: "Unfortunately, France has always been the initiator of unacceptable relations. In some cases, such processes consist of public statements by France, statements that contain the elements of threats and threats against our country.

In many cases, the Azerbaijani public is not aware of them. I can state with full responsibility that France is the main country behind the systematic work against our country carried out covertly on various platforms. Azerbaijan will respond adequately to the country that took these steps. "Whenever France declares that the steps it has taken are wrong, we will appreciate it."

Referring to the mine issue, the minister said that Armenia denied the existence of the mine map from November 2020 to June 2021. For the first time, in June 2021, as a result of the pressure of international mediators on Armenia, the official Yerevan began to present mine maps to Azerbaijan in parts through intermediaries.

"We continue to expose Armenia on all platforms on the mine issue. According to the information provided by ANAMA, the new "contact line" that Armenia wants to create - which is 480 kilometers long, 2 kilometers deep, and an area of ​​960 square kilometers - has been completely mined over the past 3 years. About 500,000 mines were laid in that area. Doesn't Armenia know about them, their map doesn't exist? It is impossible to believe this," the minister said.