Media: French spy network exposed in Azerbaijan


As a result of a successful operation by the Azerbaijani special services, a spy network of the French embassy was discovered in the country, Report informs, citing the website.

This network conducted intelligence operations very confidently and quietly against the representatives of the countries known as "partners" of France.

Moreover, the spy network has actively operated in the region's countries, using extensive contacts, forming new goals, and expanding its sphere of influence.

According to the sources, the research in this direction has revealed very interesting points revealing the network of people who are related to each other. Thus, one of the French citizens, who has been a freelance employee of French intelligence for many years, voluntarily took the initiative to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan.

As a result of this cooperation, dozens of French secret agents were uncovered, some of whom are still working in Azerbaijan and some of whom are currently working in neighboring countries and international organizations. In addition, evidence and documents related to the activities of the French cell in the South Caucasus, Middle East, Ukraine, and Moldova were presented to the Azerbaijani special services.

In connection with the criminal case conducted by the special services of Azerbaijan, a number of people who carried out intelligence activities concerning Ukraine, Georgia, and Azerbaijan were arrested. The source believes that the scale of the failure will be a serious blow to the image of French intelligence.