WHO official: Access to mental health services should be ensured in Azerbaijan


Access to mental health services should be ensured in Azerbaijan, the representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Azerbaijan, Hande Harmanci, said at the round table themed "Mental health and the rights of people suffering from mental illnesses in Azerbaijan."

Harmanci noted that COVID-19 has had a serious impact on the issue of mental health in the world:

"The war waged for the liberation of Azerbaijan's lands from occupation also affected people's psychology. In December 2020, we carried out measures related to mental health in the regions around Karabakh. During this period, we trained 54 psychiatric specialists and involved them in training."

The official emphasized that providing access to mental services is the most important issue for Azerbaijan: "There are problems with the number of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. We are witnessing a shortage of staff in the regions. Reducing stigma among people is also one of the important issues. If stigma is not reduced, people's use of these services may not be effective."