To the participants of the international conference on “Organization of Turkic States: towards new strategic goals in the context of geopolitical realities and global cataclysms”


Dear conference participants!

I sincerely welcome you in the city of Shusha, the cultural capital of the Turkic world and venue of the international conference on “Organization of Turkic States: towards new strategic goals in the context of geopolitical realities and global cataclysms”, and wish the conference success.

In the present-day world, global cataclysms have become one of the geopolitical realities of the system of international relations. The influence and intervention of foreign power houses, the occurrence of numerous conflicts, ethnic and religious standoffs and political confrontations, the creation of an atmosphere of chaos and anarchy in different regions around the world pose a serious threat to states and international security as a whole. Under circumstances when international legal norms are flagrantly violated and there are selective approaches based on double standards, the implementation of a policy aimed at protecting national interests and responding to current challenges is one of the primary objectives of independent states.

The countries that have joined the Organization of Turkic States, are confidently marching towards new strategic goals and have become a growing power center in global politics are facing similar challenges. The relations between countries of this organization, which has been drawing the world's attention as a new alliance model, are based on the principles of friendship and fraternity, mutual understanding, equal partnership and multifaceted cooperation, and which represents a very important factor for stability, security and development at the national, regional and global levels.

It is beyond any doubt that the mutually beneficial cooperation of the political parties of the countries of the Organization of Turkic States plays an important role in the realization of common goals.

I am confident that the event, organized by the New Azerbaijan Party in the city of Shusha, the “cultural capital of the Islamic world”, on a significant date for the people of Azerbaijan, the Day of National Salvation and the anniversary of the signing of the Shusha Declaration, and therefore has a special symbolic meaning and moral and political significance, will make a valuable contribution to the development of multilateral relations, further strengthening of unity in the Turkic world and the realization of new goals.

I would like to take this opportunity to heartily congratulate all of you on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, which is an important part of our national-spiritual values and Islamic culture, and wish you good health and new achievements in your work.


Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku, 14 June 2024

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