Ambassador: Baku can be hub for trade between Dominican Republic and Caucasus and Central Asia - INTERVIEW


The interview of Elvis Antonio Alam Loran, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to Azerbaijan and Türkiye, residing in Ankara, to Report:

Mr. Ambassador, in May of this year, you had a meeting with Goydeniz Gahramanov, Chairman of the Board of the Azerbaijan Travel Agencies Association (ATAA), regarding the opening of direct flights. What is new about the opening of direct flights between the Dominican Republic and Azerbaijan and visa facilitation between the two countries?

We have had several meetings in the last few months with Mr. Goydeniz Gahramanov, and in the first instance, we are preparing a promotional trip for tour operators from Azerbaijan to the Dominican Republic. Maybe in the future, we can have flights from Baku to Santo Domingo. We understand that Baku can be a hub not only for passengers but also for trade between our country and the Caucasus and Central Asia. Both countries are working to facilitate the visa procedure. In the meantime, any person interested in traveling to the Dominican Republic and has a passport with an American or Schengen visa does not need to apply. If not the case, you can apply at our embassy in Ankara. It takes less than ten days.

You said that Dominican Days will be held in Azerbaijan. When will this happen?

We are working to make it a reality this coming year, 2024, although we still do not have the exact date.

What is the purpose of your last official visit to Azerbaijan? What are your impressions of your last trip?

Our last visit was on the occasion of the meeting of non-aligned countries, in which our vice minister of women, Mrs. Melecia Almonte Taveras, also participated. It is the first visit by an official of that category to Azerbaijan, which demonstrates the interest we have in his country. During the summit, we had the opportunity to meet with the Chairperson of the State Committee for Family, Women, and Children Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Our trip also served to hold meetings with important businessmen from Azerbaijan and a visit to the director of the Americas in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Elchin Bashirov, where we discussed several topics of interest, including the increase in our foreign trade and the number of citizens of Azerbaijan visiting the Dominican Republic, whose number exceeded a thousand in the first 11 months of the year.

You said that the Dominican Republic has the oldest culture among Latin American countries, and the first educational institution was opened there. What can be done in the educational exchange between Azerbaijan and the Dominican Republic?

Regarding cultural exchange and relations between educational institutions, these points are on our agenda for this coming year. Why not? We are collaborating with your authorities to put our relations at a higher level. Only this year have I been to Baku three times.

What do you see when you compare Baku and Ankara?

Ankara and Baku are different cities, each with its own rhythm. Baku reflects the country's history. Only by seeing the buildings of Baku can you walk through its long history, reflected in its architectural treasure. We had the opportunity to meet with Dominican citizens in Baku, and they expressed their joy of living in Azerbaijan, mentioning the security and friendliness of the Azeris as the most important.