Message of congratulation to the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of Ramadan


Message of congratulation to the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of Ramadan
08.04.2024 [17:06]
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Dear compatriots!

I sincerely congratulate you and all our compatriots living in different parts of the world on the occasion of Ramadan and convey my heartfelt wishes to all of you.

The month of Ramadan is a blessed month that illuminates the hearts and minds of people and invites them to peace, unity, and moral purity. In this month, when our holy book, the Holy Quran, was revealed, Muslims get the opportunity to fulfill their moral duties and responsibilities before the Almighty and experience the joy of spiritual and moral enrichment.

Our nation has preserved its historical roots, national and cultural values, and traditions even in the most difficult periods of its destiny. Religious holidays and ceremonies in Azerbaijan, which is an integral part of the Muslim world, are celebrated every year, embodying our spiritual solidarity with the rest of the Muslim world. This year's Ramadan is marked by the fact that it will be held in the entire sovereign territory of Azerbaijan, in our ancestral homeland which has been freed from 30 years of enemy oppression.

My dear brothers and sisters!

Our faithful citizens, who have come out of the trials of fasting, are leaving behind the month of Ramadan with feelings of pride and gratitude. Charity events specific to our people are carried out throughout our country, and the eternal memory of our martyrs is remembered with gratitude. I do hope that your prayers and intentions are accepted by Allah and this blessed holiday becomes a celebration of kindness, compassion, and mercy, further strengthening unity and solidarity in our society.

May Allah accept your fasting.

Happy Ramadan!


Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku, 8 April 2024