Baku hosts Forecasting Healthy Futures Global Summit


The Forecasting Healthy Futures Global Summit, a global convening to explore solutions to the health challenges posed by climate change, kicked off on Tuesday in Baku.

The FHF Global Summit, to run until June 20, will convene diverse stakeholders from both the climate and health communities, harnessing the knowledge and expertise from multiple disciplines to explore transformative new partnerships and initiatives, and catalyze collective movement “from awareness to action” on climate change and its impact on human health.

Kelly Willis, Managing Director of Forecasting Healthy Futures organizations, Yalchin Rafiyev, COP Lead Negotiator, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, Maria Neira, Director of the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health at the World Health Organization (WHO), and COP28 Director-General Majid Al Suwaidi made opening remarks.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus addressed the participants via a video link.

This year's edition of the Summit themes are climate and health solutions, global climate and health advocacy, and climate-helath financing.

The Summit will also feature a COP sustainability dialogue atended by COP28, COP29 and COP30 representatives, as well as experts.

Forecasting Healthy Futures strives to protect and expand global health gains, in the context of climate change, with an emphasis on the most vulnerable communities worldwide.

This year's Global Summit brings together a diverse group of 200 organizations from the private sector, NGOs, global financial institutions and higher education, and about 270 leaders representing over 44 countries.

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