Azerishig lights up Aghdam: new power grid underway


Azerishig OJSC is swiftly advancing the modernization of Aghdam's electrical network as part of the city's reconstruction efforts. The state-owned company is laying down a new power grid that adheres to contemporary standards, ensuring a reliable and efficient energy supply for the region.

According to Report, which cites the company, special networks have been established to power construction and installation organizations as well as strategic facilities in Aghdam.

Two substations, each with a capacity of 10 MW, have been erected to provide electricity to the city center in the future. These 35/04 kV substations will serve to supply power to the city center in the future.

Moreover, the construction of a Digital Management Center and a Training Complex is currently in progress.

In the villages of Kangarli, Hidirli, and Sarijaly, new 35/04 kV wiring has been installed, extending the reach of the modernized power grid.