1,582 people executed, 2,333 awaiting execution in US


The United States is the only developed country where the death penalty is applied, Report informs, citing foreign media sources.

According to the American portal Deathpenaltyinfo.org , which has been keeping statistics since the return of capital punishment in 1976, 1,582 people were executed in the country by January 3, injections were used in most cases (1,402), hanging and execution were less often resorted to (3 cases each).

In 2023, 24 executions were carried out, and the maximum number of death sentences was carried out in 1999–98. Texas is the leader among the states in terms of the number of people executed—586 people. Currently, 2,333 people are awaiting execution in the United States, most of them in California (665). 196 people sentenced to capital punishment since 1973 have had their cases reviewed and were acquitted.

According to the latest research by the Gallup sociological service, which was conducted in October 2023, the number of supporters of the use of the death penalty in the United States is gradually decreasing. Thus, 53% of Americans believe that execution is acceptable for a convicted murderer. In 2022, 55% of respondents held this opinion, in 1994, it was 80%. At the same time, for the first time since 2000, the majority of Americans (50%) believe that death sentences are imposed unfairly. 39% of the respondents stated that execution is not used often enough, and 28% - that it is quite common. Opinions vary, among other things, depending on political preferences: among Republicans, the share of supporters of capital punishment for murder reaches 81%, among independents - 51%, among Democrats - 32%.