PACE never talked about Azerbaijani IDPs - MP Tural Ganjaliyev


The initiative to protest the mandate of the delegation of Azerbaijan at PACE was the highest point in the process of discrediting itself in the smear campaign against our country, Azerbaijani MP Tural Ganjaliyev told

Political scientist noted that the hypocritical policy pursued by PACE and other European organizations against Azerbaijan revealed the inner face of the forces that could not digest the new realities created by Azerbaijan in the region, the liberation of territories from occupation and the restoration of full sovereignty. "This campaign against the Azerbaijani delegation once again confirmed that PACE is used as a manipulation tool by a group of power circles. Power circles close to France, unable to digest the victory of Azerbaijan, use EU and PACE as a tool of manipulation. The protest against the mandate of the Azerbaijani delegation in the last session was a manifestation of the chain process. Azerbaijan is an independent, sovereign state that protects its national interests. We joined these organizations based on the principle of cooperation with equal rights. However, we could not be concerned by the activities of PACE, which is acting against the internal affairs of Azerbaijan, cannot accept Garabagh as the territory of Azerbaijan, and is worried about the full sovereignty of Azerbaijan. Thus, we witnessed PACE acting against these values under the name of human rights and democratic values."

Mr. Ganjaliyev emphasized that when the Azerbaijani lands were under occupation, PACE never lauded voice: “For 30 years, they hid their hypocritical policies and did not reveal them openly. They were acting in the direction of the de facto approval of the Armenian occupation. The inner face of this hypocritical policy revealed itself after the 44-day war in 2020 and after the anti-terrorist measures in 2023. Azerbaijan restored international law. Azerbaijan restored not only its sovereignty but also international justice. When we look at the statement by Joseph Borel, the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Affairs, we see that it is a sign of not accepting the new realities created by Azerbaijan.”

Baku-based political scientist stressed that Azerbaijan, as a reliable subject of international law, is a supporter of solving problems according to international principles: “PACE never talked about the Azerbaijani IDPs, who have been deprived of basic human rights for 30 years. The report of Dunya Mijatovich, the human rights commissioner of the PACE, does not mention a word about the Western Azerbaijanis or the witnesses of the Khojaly genocide. Is this the justice of PACE? It is impossible to be represented in such an unfair organization. Today, these organizations are lost in the trends of Islamophobia, Azerbaijanophobia, and xenophobia. It is a very important and adequate response for Azerbaijan to stop its cooperation with this organization. These circles should understand that talking to Azerbaijan with threats and fear will not bring any results. Azerbaijan will not take a single step back from its national interests. We will not allow a turn back from the new reality.”