"If an Armenian tells you, "I am your brother", don't believe it" - VIDEO


"I was born in 1932 in the village of Imarat Garvand, Aghdara region. I will be 92 years old on March 2."

Sonxeber.az reports with reference to BiG.AZ that Khankishi Mustafayev, a resident of Aghdara, said these words in an interview with "ITV Yekun Khabar". The Mustafayev family is experiencing the joy they have been waiting for for a long time. Khankishi Mustafayev, a resident of the district, shared his memories about Aghdara:

"The nature of Aghdara is excellent everywhere. It was great that Armenians came and scattered there. My late father was the chairman of the collective farm. He used to tell me that if an Armenian tells you that he is your brother, don't believe them. You can't trust them. In the end, I saw that my father what he said was really true".