On World Refugee Day, ICESCO calls for greater solidarity and humanitarian efforts to preserve refugees’ dignity


Every year, on June 20, the global community commemorates World Refugee Day. The year’s theme is “For a world where refugees are welcomed”, which underlines the importance of solidarity with people forced to flee their countries. It also seeks to promote solidarity and support for their right to safety, dignity and social inclusion to help them fulfill their dreams, according to the official website of ICESCO.

The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) seizes this opportunity to call on the international community to work together to support refugees worldwide, and stresses the need for greater solidarity and humanitarian efforts to ensure that refugees have access to all their fundamental rights, with economic a focus on social and cultural dimensions. It also calls for providing these vulnerable groups with fair and comprehensive education and employment opportunities suited to their skills, in order to preserve their dignity.

In this context, ICESCO has launched its Medical and Social Educational Caravans, an initiative aimed at providing basic social and medical assistance inside and outside the Islamic world, particularly in rural and remote areas. The caravan organized in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, for example, targeted Palestinian refugees by providing mobile medical services and organizing community outreach programs. The caravan supported vulnerable groups by providing medical consultations, check-ups, vaccinations and basic medicines.

In addition to medical support, ICESCO stresses the key role of education in breaking the cycle of poverty and the refugee phenomenon. In this regard, the Organization has launched a scholarship program for students from vulnerable groups so that they can pursue higher education and fulfill their dream of building a brighter future.

On World Refugee Day 2024, ICESCO reaffirms its commitment to helping build a future where everyone can achieve success and prosperity, including the most vulnerable, and calls for joint efforts to end the suffering of refugees and honor their resilience and courage.