Territory of Boyagli village of Azerbaijan’s Kalbajar to be merged with city


The city of Kalbajar will cover the existing settlement area and the nearby village of Boyagli, Report informs.

This is reflected in the Master Plan for the Development of Kalbajar City by 2040.

According to the master plan, the main street, starting from the main entrance of the city in the north-east direction and extending in the south-west direction, will form the basis of the planning structure.

In the last Master Plan of the city before the occupation (drawn up in 1969), the area was 130 hectares, and the population was 7,500 people. According to the development concept, by 2040, the figures will increase more than twice (an area of ​​about 290 hectares and population of 17,000 people). The center of the city will consist of medium-rise multi-apartment and administrative buildings. Private residential houses will be built in the surrounding area.

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