UN pledges strong collaboration with Azerbaijan for COP29 Presidency


The United Nations is determined to work closely with Azerbaijan within the framework of its COP29 presidency, according to Jennifer Baumwoll, global climate change specialist based in New York and the global coordinator for UNDP's Climate Promise.

Baumwoll emphasized that supporting financial and trade issues is a priority for the UN Development Programme.

"We are ready to collaborate closely with Azerbaijan during COP29 on how we can assist member countries in the areas promoted by Azerbaijan," she stated.

Moreover, Liva Kogure, a natural resources specialist from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, told Report that they support the priority issues put forward by Azerbaijan.

"Our goal is to support countries in combating food shortages. Azerbaijan has declared this issue a priority, urging countries to pay special attention to this topic and encouraging civic engagement. We are prepared to work closely with Azerbaijan within the framework of its COP29 presidency," Kogure said.

On June 12, Azerbaijan presented initiatives included in the COP29 Presidency Activity Program during the Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany. The country unveiled a comprehensive action plan covering gender equality, energy, agriculture, tourism, education, and other spheres.