Ambassador of Peru: 'We consider Azerbaijan to be a friendly partner with many strengths for us' - INTERVIEW


The Ambassador of Peru to Azerbaijan and Türkiye, residing in Ankara, Cesar Augusto de las Casas Dias, spoke about the relations between the two countries in an interview with the Ankara Bureau of Report.

- In January 2023, you presented your credentials to the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev. What impressions did you leave the meeting with Mr. President?

- The dialogue with the president was very kind and positive. He is a clever man and a leader of his country. We talked about many issues on the promotion of bilateral trade and of the opportunities for Azeri investments in Peru. I informed the President about the inauguration, later this year, of the Megaport of Chancay, located at just 80 kilometers north of Lima, that will connect the Pacific Ocean coast of Peru and the rest of South America with the Port of Shanghai and the rest of Asia and Europe, making feasible to connect it with the Middle Corridor and others in the Caucasus region. The Megaport of Chancay will be the biggest and most complete port in the region, with top infrastructure and technology, in order to operate as a logistic and transportation Hub in the continent.

The dialogue between our countries is constant and valuable. I have felt very well received. The welcome was very warm. I am committed to actively promote the friendship between Peru and Azerbaijan.

- What will be the main directions of your activities in Azerbaijan as an ambassador?

- As our relations are very cordial, I will focus on increasing the bilateral commercial exchange and, furthermore, on working for a better mutual knowledge of our history and culture by disseminating in different events in Baku, Peru's cultural and historical heritage, overcoming the gaps of geographic distance between both countries. Likewise, I will seek to generate spaces to find opportunities for cooperation between both states.

- Which areas can be prioritized for the development of relations between the two countries?

- In Peru, we consider Azerbaijan to be a friendly partner with many strengths for us. As said, we will prioritize seeking an increase in our commercial exchange, taking into consideration that it represents a gateway to other markets. It is also necessary to highlight the importance of Azerbaijan in terms of gas and fertilizers, which can be very useful for us.

- What can you say about cultural relationships between two countries? What plans do you have for the development of relations between peoples and cultures in the humanitarian field?

We will also seek to develop opportunities for cultural cooperation as a pathway to learning about our country’s history and culture. Our country has a lot to offer and to show. Culturally speaking, both nations have a very rich and interesting history. We will seek to present exhibitions, films, among other events, in order to bring Peru closer to Azerbaijan and reduce geographical distances.

- What products does Azerbaijan mainly buy from Peru?

- I will focus on creating the right conditions for increased trade. It is important to find those spaces and needs that can be covered by us. We need to work hard to increase our bilateral trade, that right now does not exist due to the long geographical distances.

- Is it expected to open direct flights between the two countries?

An air services agreement with Türkiye is in the process of ratification. This will enable greater and better air connection possibilities between Peru and this region, which will allow for shorter routes between our countries via Istanbul.

- Can your country open an embassy in Azerbaijan in the near future?

- In order to open an embassy, we need to work hard to for increasing our economic and trade relationships and to avail the availability of public resources. After that a full economic and budgetary evaluation process is done for identifying the availability of resources. Therefore, we will work to increase the level of our relationship.

- What high-level visits are expected in the near future?

- The first mechanism for political consultations between our countries will be held in the following months. Peru will receive a high-level visit from an authority of Azerbaijan. During this meeting, our bilateral relationship will be reviewed, which may lead to future visits from both sides.

- You have come to Azerbaijan for the first time. You probably have certain impressions about our country.

The presentation of my credentials as a non-resident ambassador to Azerbaijan was my first opportunity in Baku. Besides the kindness of the Azeri authorities, I had the chance to walk around a little and appreciate the beautiful architecture and urban landscapes of the city. I was very impressed by the kindness of the people. A young lady was so kind to get a taxi for my wife and me using her phone. She even waited until we were in the car and in our way back to the hotel. That tell us a lot about the goodness and kindness of Azerbaijan`s people.