Israeli Ambassador to Azerbaijan: For us, every human loss is a tragedy - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW


On October 18, Israeli Ambassador to Azerbaijan George Deek gave an exclusive interview to AZERTAC.


AZERTAC presents the interview.


- Mr. Ambassador, in your opinion, what are the reasons behind the attack of Hamas on Israel?


- On October 7th, Hamas invaded our country, they murdered our people. They burned people alive. They massacred families in their bedroom. They raped our girls and they came in, killed our babies and kidnapped elderly and even children and babies away from their parents. I can show you here a few pictures. This family was alive and well. A happy family of mother, father, and three beautiful young teenagers. Today they are all in coffins. I can show you this baby who is no longer with us. Imagine if this was your son, or your daughter's bedroom. Imagine having to worry about him getting up alive in his own bedroom. No people, no family, no child should go through this. People are in shock. They're asking why did Hamas do it? What is the reason? But I don't understand why people are shocked. Because Hamas has said repeatedly every day of every week of every month of the last three decades that their goal is to kill every Jew and every Israeli. That is their aim, to destroy the State of Israel and to commit genocide against Jews. The reason why they did this now is simply because they could. They found an opportunity when we were unprepared.


It was the Sukkot holiday. It was on Shabbat, Saturday, the day of rest. Most of our soldiers were home celebrating the holiday with their families. And then they simply stormed the border and they ran over the fence and stormed over 20 villages in Israel where people were sleeping in their bedrooms in their homes, and committed the massacre they have committed. For that reason, today we are at war. This war is not about politics. It's not about territory. It's not about any of these.